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Alex Tracey - 'Take Me To The Other Side'

Indie-pop newcomer Alex Tracey has made his mark with latest single, ‘Take Me To The Other Side’. The track is immersed in the liberation of leaving a toxic relationship, emanating the redemptive feeling of thriving with a mindset of self-love and freedom. Its guitar-heavy sound compliments the lyrics in a way that brings a new energy to independence. Tracey notes how the track is his “most honest record yet”, drawing on his “own depression” to help him master the uplifting lyrics. In his own words, ‘Take Me To The Other Side’ “is a way of squaring up to negative mental health as if I was confronting the monsters under my bed and saying, ‘you’re really not as scary as you say you are’”. The single is an illumination of what can be done when anxieties and doubts are cast aside, leading way for a new-found confidence.

We had a word with the artist about his journey with mental health, click here to have a read.

More info on Alex Tracey can be found at: fb.com/alextraceymusic

Watch the video for 'Take Me To The Other Side' here:

Words by Sophie Barnden