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BBC Music Introducing Live: Mental Health

Mental health was a recurring theme at BBC Music Introducing Live with the speakers at the ‘Jobs in Live Music’ panel all agreeing that working in the music industry can at times be strenuous and challenging. The panel included tour managers such as Caroline Smith to marketing managers like Karma Bertelsen who all mentioned difficulties such as long working hours, demanding deadlines, and missing important events with your friends and family.


Ian Evans, Booker at IME Music, said that it is important not to stress about everything, “nobody is going to die if you must that deadline by an hour, or that market strategy is delayed by a week”. Karma Berelsen talked about the negativity of social media and how reducing her time on the platforms has helped her deal with stress.





In the panel, ‘Bedroom to Ibiza: Making It In Dance Music’, musician and record producer Example encouraged aspiring DJ’s and musicians to take regular breaks from making music. The working conditions of a DJ can be very unhealthy on their mental health, often they are isolating themselves in their bedrooms or studios all day with lack of exposure to sunlight. Example stressed the importance of staying healthy and stimulating the mind with activities such as sport instead of the use of drugs and alcohol. This was reinforced by DJ Monki who said, “If I haven’t created anything that I like in 2 hours, then there’s no point staying in the studio. I go and do something else like play football and then come back to work”.

Even though working in the music industry can be stressful, by protecting your mental health and being in an environment that is right for you, the business is a rewarding and exciting place.


Words by Charlotte Miles

Kah-Lo performed live for BBC Radio 6 Music