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Blaenavon Reveal Details Of Their New Album In Light Of Frontman's Hospitalisation

After the roaring success of their debut album ‘That’s Your Lot’, indie dream rockers Blaenavon have released information on their anticipated follow-up.


Entitled ‘Everything That Makes You Happy’, the band’s second album explores themes of love, guilt and suffering. Although indie fans nationwide are bursting with excitement at the prospect of new music from a band that were a landmark in the indie landscape in 2017, the album has a complex and heart wrenching backstory.

In a tweet posted earlier this week, with brutal and captivating honesty, frontman Ben Gregory revealed that in December 2017, he was admitted to hospital after a stress-related breakdown - a breakdown complicated with many paranoid theories. One of which, and the one in which Gregory now humours, involved him being overly convinced that his collaboration with Kanye West had reached Number 1 and Radio 1 needed him. This shows just how volatile the mind can be; warped and also lifted by success, we often forget how the mind of a musician is susceptible to shatter.


Through his months in recovery both in hospital and at home with his family, Gregory was able to put himself in a better headspace and by using his experiences, in June 2018 ‘Everything That Makes You Happy’ was penned and recorded; Gregory believes that “it might be the most important thing I’ll ever create”.


Gregory’s departing note in the statement was equally as poignant. “If you are in pain, there is always a way forward. Be kind to each other and show empathy and love. Take a second to ask if your friends are ok. Please don’t push them away”.


We look forward to seeing what album number two has in store, which will be released later this year.

Words by Hayley Millross