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Commercial Music Has Opened the Gates of Discussion for Mental Health Issues – and it’s About Time

Mental health issues have only just started being discussed on a non-judgemental level within today’s society, yet depression and anxiety are the only illnesses at the forefront of the conversation. Musicians are beginning to open up more, so will lesser talked about issues like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder eventually get the same all-important exposure?

Billie Eilish: One Year On

Kids will be kids, until they are famous

How Does the Radio Industry Cope with Mental Health?

82% of music industry workers suffer with mental health issues, so what are those within the radio industry doing to help?

Something For Your Mind

We asked Southampton students what songs help them in their time of need - what's yours?

Remembering Keith Flint

A reflection on the artistry that rave titan Keith Flint graced the world with

3 Reasons Why Music Festivals Are Amazing For Your Mental Health

A sense of belonging, no responsibilities and good music all in one place - the event where euphoria is sky high

Ariana Grande and PTSD: Why Musicians Embracing Adversities Will Help Shrink Stigmas

The singer is using her influence for change and awareness - a direction that we all should be considering