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In Conversation With... Luke Rainsford

DTRH: How do you feel the music industry has impacted your mental health?

The industry has both extremely positive and negative impacts on my mental health. Mostly, it is very positive, as it gives me a way to express myself in a way that I’m comfortable with, whilst also hopefully having a positive influence on those I come into contact with. I also get to meet people who are amazingly supportive and understanding, including people I now consider as my closest friends.

However, there is also the extreme financial stress, the long drives, the shows that don’t go well for me, the days I’d rather be doing anything else. I have a very love/hate view of the entire industry as a whole, but I still would rather be doing this than anything else.


DTRH: Do you feel personal pressures to act or look a certain way?


In some respects - yes. However, I try not to let it get to me. I see people who are on the same tours or shows as me look and act a certain way around each other and I want to be involved, but to be honest just by being myself and acting naturally around these people are where I’ve made the better friends or had a more enjoyable time.


DTRH: What do you think people within the industry could do to help prevent musicians from suffering with mental adversities, or aid them in recovery?

Mostly for me, it’s patience. A lot of pressure can be put on people in the industry and this can be extremely unhealthy for anyone. It can be difficult to be patient with anyone when trying to organise or work with anything in this industry, but it’s such an integral part to remember that sometimes, people need to put themselves and their health first.


DTRH: How does music itself impact your life and the way you perceive everyday issues?

Music gives me a way to let out anything that’s on my mind, in a healthy and controlled way. Writing new songs, playing old ones and hearing people sing songs back to me is something that never stops making everything I go through make so much more sense. It helps put everything into a perspective I can understand.


DTRH: Do you believe that your music could help people who feel lost within their own mental health?

People have often told me that my music has helped them put their own mental health into perspective in their own life, and the way I talk openly about my own experiences on stage has helped them seek out the help they need, and made them understand the steps they need to take.


DTRH: How does music play a role in the creation of your identity?

Music has basically become my identity - it’s taken over my entire life to the point where all my friends and relationships have developed in some way through the industry. It definitely has negative aspects on me too, like I’ve definitely put music first at some very intense moments of my life where I shouldn’t have, but it’s part of my identity that I’m willing to make extreme sacrifices for my art.



Luke's Top Albums To Get Him Through:

1      I Am Not Your Fault - itoldyouiwouldeatyou

2     After Laughter - Paramore

3     We Don't Have Each Other - Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties

4     The Length of a Smile - Coast To Coast

5     American Football - American Football

Luke's Top Songs To Get Him Through:

1      Flowers Where Your Face Should Be - The Wonder Years

2     The Waterboy Returns - Modern Baseball

3     Penance - Holding Absence 

4     Fuck My Life - Fresh

5     Love - Crywank

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