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In Conversation With... Victory Lane

We asked the boys in Victory Lane to give us an insight on how they've each managed to get through difficult times. Read below to find out more!



Dan Lamb, vocalist

"As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, a loss of my father to cancer at 14 and being used / cheated on through vigorous relationships. My best advise is to find something your passionate about, something that keeps your mind focused and in turn provides you with happiness and meaning. 


For me its music. Listening to or even writing music and lyrics of my own it's a way I escape, and use negative energy that most are scared of to my advantage.  I strongly believe that we need to look after each other, we are all very important. Whether you like it or not we're all here on borrowed time so be joyful and love the people that do the same to you.


From a very young age I've always been astounded by music. I advise anyone who has demons or a problematic life to write, write how you feel down and make it an art form. Find people that do the same, make them your best friends and share your talent and your soul to the world."

Dan Rowbottom, guitarist

"Throughout my life so far, I have had many difficult times occur, including heartbreak, loss of a relative, loss of a friend, helping out friends with mental health issues including helping myself through difficult times with certain aspects of doubt in myself.


The best way that I always tackle these challenging times is through writing out what I feel at that moment, usually this helps me vent out my feelings into lyrics. Alongside this I tend to surround myself with friends or family, who I know can help me out, try not to shut myself off from the outside world, otherwise I know I’ll just make myself worse.


Go to gigs, go out with friends, listen to music that reminds you of a happier time, you are never alone, remember that."

Dec Lawrence, bassist

"Music is a main source of emotional release for myself, whether it be listening or writing, but in doing so it can be isolating to not talk about how these make you feel. So my true advice is no matter how hard it may be, seek out those you feel will understand you as I have and share those priceless moments/feelings with them as those are the moments that life is meant for."

Lewis Crawley, drummer

"I've been playing drums since I was 11 and played in my first band at the age of 13. I've since been in various bands from Hardcore to Folk. 


A couple of years ago, I had little to no confidence in myself and my ability to play my instrument. I felt like I wasn't good enough to play in any band (even the one I was in at the time) or with anyone else for that matter. It was horrible, like I could no longer stand something that I once loved and invested so much of my time into and was such a big part of my life. 


The way I dealt with this was by taking some time out, I stepped back and re-evaluated everything, I started taking lessons with Eddy Thrower (LTA) to increase my ability. I started looking into drumming groups and networks to discuss things and learnt that I wasn’t the only one who got to this point. This allowed me to completely refresh my view as I was constantly looking at everything in a negative light and didn't want to do anything anymore.


Since then I've joined Victory Lane and I've surrounded myself with friends, even some you could call family. Taking time out and surrounding myself with the right people helped me get back to where I wanted to be."

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