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3 Reasons Why Music Festivals Are Amazing For Your Mental Health

Festival season is almost upon us, and as attendees begin planning travel routes and outfit ideas, we take a look at three reasons why music festivals have such a positive impact on our lives.








1. Social interaction becomes exciting, instead of intimidating

The concept of walking into a crowded room filled with hundreds of people can be incredibly daunting for some, but when it comes to festivals, it makes the event all the more stimulating. Attending with friends or family automatically brings you closer together; the buzz that envelopes each member of the group fills the air, forming into an indescribable bond that sticks with you for life. Whilst your group may be raving away, even strangers become friends; the welcoming demeanour of people in the festival space brings a new sense of joy as you come to realise that not everyone is judgemental or unwelcoming. Everyone has one thing in common: music. Regardless of what stage you go to, there’s a sense of belonging, with hundreds of attendees all being on your very wavelength. It can be familiarised with a football game: that euphoric feeling of being at one with the fans on your side is like no other. At a festival, everyone is on the same team.

2. There are no social constraints

There’s a 50-year-old man alone, moving his body relentlessly along to Carl Cox – he becomes the hero of the event. There are no age restrictions, no issues with gender or sexuality, and no race divisions. Everyone is at peace with one another. Of course, you could put that down to the drugs, where you may come across a girl who’s convinced herself that she’s fallen in love with a portaloo (yes, true story), but regardless of what’s in your system, there are minimal social constraints. Festival fashion is an emerging trend, where glitter and sequins can be distributed to your heart’s desire and no one even bats an eyelid when you and the boys waltz through security sporting Hawaiian shirts, looking like you’ve just missed your flight to an exotic island. And of course, everyone absolutely stinks; body odour becomes the new Calvin Klein fragrance, and no one cares.

3. Responsibilities are thrown out of the window, replaced with an adult playground

Other than the menial tasks of trying to budget money for booze and burgers, finances are forgotten. There are no bills, no rent due, and not one bit of work needs to be done. Whether you’re attending a festival for one day or four, you get gifted with freedom from everyday life, all the while watching your favourite artists play right in front of you.  The often lack of phone signal and wi-fi also means you can’t use social media (and we all know how that affects mental health) so those few days become immersive and entrancing; no distractions, no pressures. It’s just you, your mates and good music.


Of course, the festival has to come to an end and soon enough you find yourself back in your usual routine, daydreaming of feeling the vibrations of a bassline from the middle of a field. It never really ends, though; that lack of age restriction promises that the fun never stops and you get the memories to last you until the following year’s line-ups get released. If nothing else, it’s something to always look forward to.


Words by Sophie Barnden

Photo Credit: Boomtown Fair

Photo Credit: James Bridle - Creamfields 2018

Photo Credit: Jody Hartley - Boomtown 2018

Photo Credit: Luke Dyson - South West Four 2018