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PREMIERE: The Pussywillows Release New Song '400 Hours'

For an International Women's Day special,  Atlanta-based alt rock due The Pussywillows have released their latest single, '400 Hours', which shares the story of many women who suffer silently with domestic abuse.

Taking listeners through the spiralling cycle of an abusive relationship, Zale and Gibson share their  hauntingly beautiful harmonies, weaving together, sending you down the spiral with them. Rather than fearing for the subject of the song, the duo  lets you know that the women will not be in that situation long as her strength is bubbling just below the surface.

To go alongside the release, The Pussywillows are releasing a short visual written by Zale herself, highlighting the narrative of the story behind the song. Gorgeous pink tones and dramatic shots allow for a very real feeling of what domestic abuse looks like. 

The Pussywillows encourage anyone healing from, or currently in an abusive or toxic relationship to seek help and learn more by visiting www.loveisrespect.org.

Check out the song on Spotify below:

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