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Tom Grennan Opens Up About His Mental Health

Within the month of November, men grow out their moustaches and beards to raise awareness of men’s mental health. Even in 2018, men’s mental health is not discussed as openly as required. Mental health within male celebrities, musicians or any male who is seen as distant from the average Joe is an even more taboo subject.


In a recent interview with Metro.co.uk, 23-year-old singer-songwriter Tom Grennan told of his battle with depression after an incident on a night out aged 18. The incident, which left Grennan hospitalised and requiring metal plates in his jaw, left him physically and mentally shaken. “Something happened in my life where I was attacked and put in hospital and then my whole world just crumbled, and I couldn’t leave the house” he tells Metro.co.uk.


The singer, who is best known for his hit Found What I’ve Been Looking For, used the power of music to help overcome the darkness and while there are still “bad days”, he’s overall in a much better place. “It wasn’t until music and it wasn’t until I started writing about it where then I kind of like started breaking down walls and barriers in my own mind”. The success of his debut album has also helped and inspired him to go bigger and better for the follow up. “I know that there’s something bigger in me and there’s something that’s still wanting to come out of me and I know that’s going to be good”.


Grennan has always been a strong advocate for mental health and recently took part in a skydive to raise money for Mind.

Words by Hayley Millross