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Vicki Archer: What's On The Inside Isn't As Telling As It May Seem

December 5th became the day the world discovered the tragic suicide of BBC radio presenter, Vicki Archer who abruptly left in the middle of her live show – telling her colleagues she was upset. Her death has sparked yet another conversation across the UK on the importance of mental health and showing care for those around you.

Radio Today reported that Archer, aged 41, had a history of depression and had previously attempted to take her life twice, according to Shropshire Coroner’s court.

Her 20-year reign as a successful radio presenter and voiceover artist is an achievement worth high admiration, and in the words of her family, the “immeasurable loss” that they are enduring goes to show that regardless of how an individual is feeling, they will never fully understand the positive impact that they have on those around them.














Radio presenter Carl Jones said to The Sun: “Such devastatingly sad news – it was my pleasure and privilege to work with Vicki for the past eight years and co-present the drive-time show with her on many occasions. One of life’s truly good people, who will leave a huge void.”

It is never anyone’s responsibility to save the life of someone who is prepared to give it up – often, the inner demons that encase a sufferer of mental illness can be overbearing. Yet, it is vital to address the importance of showing kindness and compassion to everyone around you.

What’s on the outside isn’t as telling as it may seem – many people are open about their personal struggles, yet there is a high percentage of people who prefer to keep their feelings hidden away.

Check in on loved ones, welcome new people with open arms. It might just be the difference between life and death.


Words by Sophie Barnden